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Art Program with the Bridging Project


Cooking Program with the Bridging Project


Art Project Collage made From Recycled Items

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Cutting Ply Wood for Interior Sign

Title: Targeted Group Projects

South West Wiltshire Bridging Project

The Bridging Project is a targeted weekly youth work programme for young people aged 13 - 25 with disabilities or learning difficulties, supported by a small team of peer leaders from our leadership programme as well as youth workers. Through this project young people are able to meet new people from their local community, develop social skills, provide them with valuable practical learning opportunities and experiences that will help them later on in life.

The Bridging Project runs at Mere Youth Development Centre on a Tuesday evenings 6:30 - 9pm - we also provide transport from Tisbury and surrounding villages

we run scheduled projects each term which young people who attend this sessions can pick what happens the next term.

This is what young people attending the project said about their experiences
" I come to the Bridging Project to get out of my village, meet new people and try new things" T aged 15
" Being a peer leader on the Bridging Project has helped me to develop my leadership skills and I've gained some qualifications" R aged 14
" The Bridging Project is fun as I can do messy activities and play pool with my friends" J aged 17

Young people have identified the following benefits from engaging with the Bridging Project:

  • Learn more people skills
  • Helps people with special needs
  • Helps meet people who you do not even know existed
  • To get a better experience with looking after young people
  • To help those who need help coming out of there shell

Bridging Project News

Pasta Bake and Sports Night

At the moment we have a few projects running along side each other. there is a cooking group which cook delicious meals and puddings in the sessions, we also have an art group that make loads of different arts and crafts and with this they also make some small wood projects, which they can either take home or we can sell at local events that we have stalls for. one of the other groups do some sport activities in the field next to the youth centre.

The Young People Build Footpaths in Semley

The MTCV Crew have been working on improving the footpaths in Semley and have created a bridge and stile on a public footpath with the help of Wilts County Pathways Officer Alex Howson. The Parish Council have let us know they are very pleased with the results.