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National Citizen Service

Seeds4Success is no longer running this project, see below for more info.

What this is:

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a national program for 15 to 17 year olds which develops understanding and experience of social action whilst enhancing key skills such as communication, co-operation and team work. The program offers residential experiences, skill development and participants work together as a team to plan and deliver a social action project to benefit the local community. 

Why we run it:

We know that many of the young people we work with will not access this programme through the mainstream recruitment drive. We identify local young people who we feel will benefit greatly from our bespoke version of the scheme which offers engagement activities and taster days before asking young people to make a commitment. Seeds4Success know that these young people also want to enhance their employability skills and we deliver accreditation and training opportunities on top of the standard programme.

Who it’s for:

Young people leaving school years 11, 12 or an equivalent age.

When and where it runs:

During the summer months with the team base being Mere Youth Centre, however transport from across South West Wiltshire is provided and many of the programmed activities take place away from Mere. 

What young people say:

“I loved doing NCS as it introduced a range of opportunities to me. I enjoyed it loads and loved meeting new people.” - J, aged 16.

"NCS made me overcome some of my biggest fears and made me face challenges that I would never picture myself facing. I gained so many strong friendships over the 6 week period. It strengthened me as a person, especially my team work and the ability to use my own initiative. I gained multiple qualifications which were essential for me to progress into my future career goals which includes first aid and food hygiene. I would recommend NCS to anyone. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity." - S, aged 18.

Additional Information:

Due to changes with the delivery of NCS nationally we will not be running this project during the summer of 2019. Graduates of previous NCS teams who are part of our youth committee are currently working with the charity director to design, develop and fund an alternative programme called ‘Local Youth Action Scheme’.