Welcome to Seeds 4 Success

Seeds4Success is a youth work charity based in Mere, which provides opportunities for personal and social development for young people living in South West Wiltshire. We enable young people to access programmes that develop practical skills, enhance education, improve employability, provide recreational activities, conserve the natural environment and strengthen the local community.

We offer a wide range of positive leisure time opportunities for young people throughout the week as well as targeted, 1 to 1 support to individuals who are at risk of becoming or who already are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). Through engagement in our projects young people develop social and practical skills, form positive friendships and relationships with trusted adults and their peers, gain confidence, self-esteem and achieve qualifications and awards.

As a rural charity we understand the challenges of transport, so we provide a minibus or support with travel to the majority of our projects, when requested in advance.

Our Mission states “Through inclusive engagement of young people in social action and a range of positive activities, our aim is to develop confident, healthy, skilful, valued and empowered members of our local community, providing targeted support to those facing additional barriers”

"Young people are the heart of Seeds4Success. They are who the charity exists to support, and they are the people who ensure the charity continues to exist."

- Jaki Farrell, Charity Director


For a young person to attend our sessions from September 2021 to October 2022, their parent/carer(s) must have completed and returned a Parental Consent Form. 

There are two versions of the form:


  • To complete on a tablet or computer and email back to Jaki (this version is not suitable for printing), download here.
  • To print and complete by hand, or to complete on computer or tablet and print before returning, download here.

If you would like a paper copy of the consent form, please contact Jaki or ask the session leader. 


To get in touch please see Our Charity page for contact details and a contact form.

Fonthill Abbey

Following the Government's announcement of the end of Covid-19 restrictions, we have reviewed our procedures using Government guidance along with that from the National Youth Agency, Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive

It is our responsibility to protect the children and young people we work with and their families, our committed team of staff and volunteers and their families, as well as the wider community. As a charity with a small staff team, all of whom are committed to planning and leading our extensive and varied weekly project sessions, there would a significant and negative impact on local children and young people as well as our finances, if there was a positive Covid test within our membership or team.  Therefore we ask that staff, volunteers and users of our services observe the following:

  • Face coverings to be worn indoors (unless, following a risk assessment of numbers, space, ventilation, etc, the session leader agrees they can be removed safely) 

  • Face coverings to be worn on Seeds4Success transport

  • Face coverings to be worn during outdoor activities when social distancing is not possible

  • Wash or sanitise hands when leaving and entering buildings and at frequent intervals

To find out how we are making our sessions safe for young people, staff and volunteers please see the latest Action Plan in the downloads section on this page.


The Risk Assessments (available to download from this page) give detailed guidance on face-to-face working, use of the minibuses and Mere Youth Centre during the COVID-19 outbreak.  


To see which projects are running and when, please see our Events Calendar.


We welcome volunteers who are interested in joining our team and helping our charity.  If you think you have something to offer, have some spare time and would like to be a valued member of Seeds4Success please take a look at the various projects we provide and see Our Volunteers and Our Mentors pages for more information.


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