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SKILD (Targeted)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am - 3pm @ Mere Youth Centre and various locations

What this is:

Targeted weekly sessions for young people aged 14 and above who want to develop and improve their experience and/or qualifications to enable them to go on to access further education, employment, training or apprenticeships.  It can include skills and experience development, Functional Skills Level 1 or 2  English and Maths courses, and work experience opportunities.  The skills and experience development sessions are practical indoor and/or outdoor sessions. Functional Skills is accessed through weekly face-to-face sessions with resources available remotely via our online Functional Skills Hub.  Work experience can be arranged with a local employer for an appropriate amount of time each week.  Sessions will involve practical activities to develop skills, training courses, volunteering, CV writing and other activities that young people feel will enhance their employability.

Why we run it:

It can be challenging for young people not accessing formal education through a school, college or education provider to gain the qualifications, skills, experience and support they need to access further education, employment, training or apprenticeships.  This project helps to fill that gap.   

Who it’s for:

Young People aged 14 – 19 who are not accessing formal education in a school, college or training provider setting.

When and where it runs:

Skills and experience development sessions run at various outdoor locations from 10:00am to 3:00pm every Tuesday and meet at Mere Youth Centre. 

Functional Skills sessions run at Mere Youth Centre from 10:00pm - 3:00pm every Thursday during term time.  Course sessions and resources can also be accessed remotely via our online Functional Skills Hub, however the online assessments must be taken at our Mere Youth Centre.

There are face-to-face evening support sessions (Quiet Space) from 5:00pm to :700pm in Mere on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.  

Transport is provided for young people resident in South-West Wiltshire and should be booked in advance. 

Lead Worker:

Lee (Functional Skills & Work Experience)               Email: lee@seeds4success.org.uk

Karen (Functional Skills & Work Experience)           Email: karen@seeds4success.org.uk

Jaki & Lee (Skills & Experience Development)         Email: [email protected]   or   [email protected]