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Our Impact

Young People’s Views:

“ Seeds4Success has changed my life in more ways than it is possible to say. Seeds has given me a safe space to be myself and develop as a person. They have allowed me to connect with so many people of whom I’d never have thought I’d be able to. They have taught me how to work as part of a team with the juniors and as I proceeded on to Friday night I was scared but they helped me to be able to enjoy change. The next stage was leisure credits which taught me that hard work pays off and gave me opportunities that I would otherwise never be able to experience they also allowed me to do healthy living of which made me physically healthy as well as emotionally happier. The next stage is young leading which is currently helping me gain self-confidence and self-worth while its also helping me develop skills to be leader”



“ I started helping as a young leader after doing NCS last summer and I have gained more confidence and skills in leading groups. I have helped run a range of sessions for juniors as well as taking on responsibility in certain sports on a Monday evening”



“ Youth committee has helped me develop my skills as an individual, and strengthen my ability to work effectively as a group. Youth committee has given me the chance to develop my skills in technologies and let me practice useful skills I can use throughout my life”



“ I really enjoy the Monday night (Health and Wellbeing) session as it gives me a reason to do exercise. I don’t enjoy PE at school and try to skip it as much as I can. Having the opportunity to use the gym and take part in classes like spinning with my friends has been great. If I didn’t do this I’d do very little exercise.”



“ By coming to juniors I got to meet other people from different schools and also get to know some of the older ones who were leading the session. It boosted my confidence to be able to move up to Friday nights when I was in year 7”



“ My journey started in juniors which was ran by older people which made me more confident to move up to Friday. Seeds4Success has opened up many opportunities such as making new friends and getting out of the house. It is nice to get away from siblings for a little bit. When I was old enough to do leisure credits that opened up even more opportunities for me such as learning how to use tools and working with other people. By building up credits I am able to go on trips. I am going on one soon. Everyone is really nice and I always feel welcome here.”



“Seeds4Success  has been a place for me to get away from my brothers and hang out with my friends in a safe space. I have learnt a lot from being here like cooking, woodwork and other useful skills. As part of leisure credits I have had the ability to go and help the community and environment and get rewards for my work. Some of the rewards like  surfing in Wales or going to Thorpe Park and Alton Towers I would never have been able to do. I am already part of the youth committee and I hope to be trained as a young leader too”



“ I’ve been going to Seeds4Success since it started and I feel it has made a massive impact on my life. If I’m being honest most of my friends I have met here believe it or not and if this charity never happened all those amazing memories and friendships wouldn’t have happened so I’m grateful for that. I think most of my favourite memories have been with Seeds4Success; Thorpe Park, Friday Nights evening the bus journeys back home (these are my personal favourite). I’ve been and done multiple things I wouldn’t have done and been to if I wasn’t part of Seeds4Success, for example Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, surfing, coasteering going to Magdalen Farm and a few residentials. I joined leisure credits at the age of 12 and I’m so thankful that I have been given the chance to interact with these sessions , because without them I wouldn’t have been able to go on those amazing trips.

Since Covid-19 I was stuck at home looking after my younger siblings while my parents were out working. It was so hard trying to sort them out and I got so frustrated with everything, then Seeds4Success opened back up again, it was an escape from my siblings and family and I was able to spend time with my friends and doing activities. So I just want to thank Jaki and the Seeds4Success crew for making this charity happen because without it I would be a different person, so thank you.”



“ My Experience within Seeds4Success has been a very gradual increase. By which I mean I started coming on Mondays and Fridays to the open youth work which was being held at Mere Youth Centre and the Nadder Centre. Through my time at Seeds4Success the role that I now play within the charity is one that’s very different now. I have helped with young leader sessions, youth committee meetings, some leisure credits stuff and bits at Fovant Youth Club so it would be fair to say that the way I have developed with the charity would be a process of positive change. I have also taken part in other projects and trips like LYAS for example. I now will talk a bit more about what the LYAS project offered to me and what it can offer to young people.

On attending the LYAS project last year I can safely say that it’s an ideal opportunity for young people to gain life experiences and skills that may be useful later in life. The opportunity is one that cannot be missed in the seeds4success calendar and is a great way to meet and get to know new people and new friends. The project was very much team based which forced you to work in an effective way with people you may not usually work with willingly. You have to force yourself to trust others whilst being outside your comfort zone for example when we were rock climbing and abseiling. The trust either had to be placed in friends, equipment or instructors a mental challenge that proves challenging especially when tackling new heights which many have never done before. The qualifications gained on LYAS (first aid, mental health first aid and food hygiene) are life skills which are practically useful in real life. Also, these skills in later years are great for university applications as it makes you stand out compared to others. This for me personally has been great as most people that have read my personal statement have asked me after what mental health first aid is all about.

The opportunities that Seeds4Success offer are not only enjoyable and worthwhile they are also free to the participant. These activities cost thousands of pounds to put on, but the value lost to the community would be so much more if the opportunities for young people were taken away.”



“ I joined Seeds4Success when I was 12 years old with healthy living that enabled me to use it as a gateway into all of the other schemes and activities I take part in today including Leisure Credits, Young Leaders and Friday Night open sessions. I have always been the kind of person who would rather study than making friends with people my own age however Seeds4Success has allowed me to gain confidence, make friends and memories that I will treasure forever. Most of these memories I would never dream of doing on my own like going to Wales on a residential and surfing or coasteering or going to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park. These things just would not be possible without Jaki and Seeds4Success’s help as with two small children in my household all adventures have to be catered to children.

My latest adventure was LYAS where I spent the summer with the people I enjoy being around and even though we were unable to do some things because of Covid they still managed to push me outside of my comfort zone and give me opportunities that I will treasure forever”



“It’s nice to be with people [at the Bridging Project] that have similar disabilities and help each other and to be able to learn new skills. Learnt a lot, I learnt cooking, stuff to do with woodwork, I learnt a lot of different skills that I can do and carry on in life. It helped me to progress into college and all things that I want to do”


The Community's View:

“Members of Chilmark Parish Council have readily embraced the opportunity to engage with seeds4success on a number of community tasks over the last few years. These have included hedge clearance around the perimeter of our local school, maintenance of community seats/benches and street furniture, painting of playground swings, slides and fencing at our outside playground and more recently a major clearance of the Chilmark Winterbourne to reduce the risk of flooding within the village.

The Chilmark Winterbourne project involved careful re-grading of the stream bed to improve flow as well as removal of overgrown bushes and trees which were causing restrictions to flow within roadside drainage ditches. A number of our residents spoke to the young people during the project and were very impressed with the cheerful and enthusiastic manner in which they undertook the hard work in getting the job done. It was great that the team members took the time to explain how they had become involved with the Leisure Credits Scheme and how much they enjoyed the interactions between the group as well as with the general public during their activities.

Seeds4Success is a brilliant example of a win-win system. Not only does it provide a great opportunity for young people to learn new skills and develop their character – it is also a valuable community asset in helping to keep our local environment in good shape.

A future activity which members of Chilmark Parish Council fully support will be an ongoing hedge laying along Hindon Lane. Currently delayed while tenancy and field usage matters are resolved, we should hopefully be in a position to move forward with the project next year.”



Partnership with Wilton Wildlife Group:

"The first joint work day was efficiently organised by the Youth Committee at Seeds4Success. This involved advertising the event prior to the day and welcoming participants with a health and safety tool talk on site.

A wonderful lunch was prepared by the S4S youngsters for all the wet and windswept volunteers who had been busy with scrub clearance on the down. The camaraderie and positivity of the group was clear to see despite the inclement weather. The day included an educational talk to raise awareness about the issues of chalk downland management."  2019

"Seeds4Success had a number of joint working days with the Wilton Wildlife Group Volunteers (WWG). It was great to see how the youngsters from S4S happily interacted with the older adults of the WWG as they worked together in partnership. The exchange of ideas and knowledge led to a great learning experience for all. Thank you so much S4S we couldn’t have done it without you!"  2020



Seeds4Success and Tisbury Sensory Garden project:

"My first encounter with the youth group from Seeds 4 Success was the Tea at 3 project that we jointly ran in 2018. From this I was impressed by their willingness and enthusiasm to work out of their comfort zone.

Jaki Farrell was my first port of call when I wanted to begin the construction of the Tisbury Sensory Garden. I met with the youth group and put forward my vision and proposal for the garden. They embraced it with excitement and maturity beyond their years.

The project – construction of a hoggin pathway (no mean feat at the best of times) from start to finish in 10 days and in probably one of the hottest weeks of the year! An average of 12 teenagers arrived each morning and worked unstintingly. Measuring the layout, digging out the base, laying a material liner, edging with steel to retain the edges and then hauling over 32 tonnes of hardcore and hoggin 100 metres from the main road to the  work site. They worked hard and with humour taking time to interact with the inquisitive passers-by and explain what they were doing. It was a pleasure to see how they organised themselves into their best fit skill sets and worked with out complaint throughout. They have been an integral part of creating an asset in Tisbury and its enduring legacy

Their ownership of the finished pathway was evident as I witnessed members of the group showing friends and parents what they had achieved.


What did they learn?

 An appreciation of landscaping. We were working on a neglected piece of land and turning it into a garden that could be easily accessed. They learnt about sustainability with the construction of the pathway.  The importance of communicating by understanding the need of visitors to the site for social interaction and in this they were exemplary always being polite and spending time with them.

 Not only did they work on the path but also had time to renovate and paint the old benches and start to build up the main flower beds.

The garden is evolving and there are smaller projects for them to be involved in over time. Just recently the team were back to repaint the benches and do some digging and weeding.

What Seeds4Success accomplished has had tremendous benefits to the community of Tisbury especially in this year of lock down and isolation. The garden has been a focal point for many people who visit daily.

Seeds4Success will always top my list when I outreach for future projects due to their enthusiasm and boundless energy for getting a job not just done but done really well.

They should be proud of what they achieved as I am certainly proud of them."

Ann-Marie, Tisbury Memory Group


Parent/Carer views:

"[A message] to say how much Y is enjoying youth club and taking part in the leisure credits.  When he first started he was very nervous and unsure. But your leaders never gave up on him. Within a few months his confidence and skills have grown massively.  He is taking part in challenges that we never thought he would be confident enough to do.  We were very nervous about Y and his additional needs but your team have put us at ease and have been amazing and supportive with helping him join in and feel safe.  The support you all offer is truly appreciated.  I can't thank you enough. "


"I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for all of the invaluable support you have given Jack and us as a family with a young person who has challenges.

Jack came to youth club, some 10 years ago. Jack had no confidence and a severe speech and language disorder. Over the years there has been an incredible change in the young man Jack has grown to be now 21 years old.

The support is on many levels with personal care, pastoral care, life skills, social skills and educational/skill-based achievements.

Jack could not socialise with his peers when he started at youth club, he always reached out to adults and sought their company. The Seeds4Success (S4S) team have helped Jack to find the confidence to be able to instigate conversation, to join in, to be part of something outside home and school. Having any kind of difficulty sets a young person apart, at youth club he could be part of something which extended into the community which gave confidence with people in the outside world.

The community projects Jack has been involved with has given him valuable experience with the public, communicating can be difficult for him. Confidence is key for him moving forward.

Jack has achieved a food and hygiene certificate, a first aid certificate and a strimming certificate. All because the S4S team have the time and dedication to organise the courses. Jack has work experience because he has been at S4S, improving his chances of work as a young disabled person in the work place. With the S4S team’s assistance, Jack got his first part time job, which he has held for over a year at The Lamb Inn as a kitchen porter. Jack also now assists part time at The Beckford Arms as assistant housekeeper. These roles are additional to his continued voluntary work at Hindon Village stores and volunteering at S4S.

I can say, hand on heart, without the S4S team Jack would not have had the opportunities he has had. S4S is the most extraordinary organisation, endless support - day and night. There isn't a thing Jaki doesn't know or place she can refer you to. Those links are vital and are hard to find, especially to a stressed out mum who doesn't know where to turn.

Our young people are already at a disadvantage by the nature of who they are, I can't help feeling that Seeds4Success goes an incredibly long way to challenging that and gives so many of the tools they need in life.

So, thank you all - you're all brilliant"


Wiltshire Life Award