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Local Youth Action Scheme (Social Action)

Every Summer - Times Vary

What this is:

Local Youth Action Scheme (LYAS) was developed by graduates of the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme
as a more flexible replacement programme, targeting young people leaving school years 11 or 12. The aim is to
develop an understanding and experience of social action whilst enhancing key skills such as communication, co-
operation and team work. The program offers the opportunity to gain qualifications, develop practical skills and
participants work together as a team to plan and deliver a project to benefit the local community. They finish the
programme with an outdoor activity residential experience to expend their comfort zones and increase their

Why we run it:

We know that many of the young people we work with will not access the NCS programme as they do not have
the confidence to go away with a group of strangers, need a bit of extra support to take part or cannot get to
there. Young people tell us that the opportunity to gain practical experiences and qualifications is really important
to them and we know that this has helped previous participants gain college places and employment. We identify
local young people who we feel will benefit greatly from our programme which offers engagement activities and
taster days before asking young people to make a commitment.

Who it’s for:

Young people leaving school years 11, 12 or an equivalent age.

When and where it runs:

There will be taster sessions in April and May with the main programme running during June and July after GCSE’s
have finished and before the main summer holidays start. The team will be based at Mere Youth Centre, however
transport from across South West Wiltshire is provided and many of the programmed activities take place away
from Mere.

Lead Worker:

Jaki       Email: [email protected]

What young people say:

"The LYAS project was an amazing experience for me over the summer of 2020, after being stuck indoors throughout the COVID-19. The project itself had a lot to offer the young people. An opportunity for qualifications on a C.V. for free is always a good way to spend time when you can't do anything else. Having it enjoyable and in a relaxed atmosphere, made it all better." - D, aged 17