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Youth Committee (Social Action)

Twice Monthly. Wednesday or Thursday

What this is:

An opportunity for young people to voice their opinions on how the charity should be run and to be engaged in various activities such as marketing and publicity, fundraising, planning and evaluation on behalf of the charity. 

Why we run it:

To ensure that young people have a real sense of ownership of the charity, they understand how things work, are engaged in activities to support the development and sustainability of the organisation and feel confident in sharing their views and opinions with the board of trustees. 

Who's it for:

Young People who want to make a difference by sharing their opinions, representing their peers and taking action to improve existing services or develop new ideas. We do have limited spaces and strive to have a mix of members from different communities, of different age ranges and who access the variety of opportunities delivered by Seeds4Success. 

When is it:

The group meets twice a month, usually one Wednesday and one Thursday evening to enable young people with specific weekly commitments to attend. The location of meetings vary depending on other relevant meetings or activities, however transport from across South Wiltshire is provided.

Lead Worker:

Jaki       Email: [email protected]

What young people say:

“I got involved in the youth committee because I wanted to have more responsibility and feel important. It has helped me to understand the charity more and what it takes to keep it running.” - L, aged 14  

“I joined the S4S youth committee because I like representing others.  It helps me to improve my leadership, organisational and teamwork skills and it also gives me a wider understanding of how a charity and other organisations operate” - M, aged 17