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Young Leaders (Social Action)

Planning or training sessions on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Peer led junior session on 2nd Wednesday of the month.

What this is:

A programme which encourages young people to develop their leadership skills to take on additional responsibility within charity, through supporting the delivery of some of our weekly sessions as peer leaders or assisting with the planning of specific projects or activities. A team of peer leaders regularly plan and deliver a monthly junior youth club session for younger children. The monthly junior youth club has offered activities such as scavenger hunts, night walks, swimming, movie nights, sports and games sessions, arts and crafts and cooking.

Why we run it:

To enable young people to take on additional responsibility within the charity and develop their leadership skills by participating in training and gaining practical experience through organising and delivering projects for younger children. This project develops communication and teamwork skills in young people, who learn to plan and execute activities safely and in a fun welcoming environment.  We provide our Young Leaders with training courses in First Aid, Safeguarding Children and Young People, Health and Safety, Sports Leadership, Arts & Crafts and Food Safety. This enables them to feel confident in their roles, as well as providing them with essential skills and knowledge for life.

Who it’s for:

This is for young people aged 14 or over, who have demonstrated positive qualities and proved themselves to be responsible through their engagement in other projects with Seeds4Success and who wish to advance their own organisational and leadership skills.

The peer led junior youth club is for school years 5,6 & 7 – this age range drops to years 4,5 & 6 in the summer term once year 7s have successfully progressed into our wider services.

When is it:

The young leaders meet once or twice a month on a Wednesday evening for training or to plan or run through the activities for the junior club. 
The Junior Youth club, delivered by the young leaders with the oversight of S4S staff, runs on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.

Lead Worker:

Jaki       Email: [email protected]

What young people say:

“The young leaders project has helped me to improve my leadership skills and confidence. I now also assist in some of the sports activities on a Monday night and this could help me in a future job” - J, aged 16