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Health & Wellbeing (Open Access)

Monday 7:30pm - 9:00pm @ Nadder Centre, Tisbury

What this is:

A weekly session where young people can take part in a variety of physical activities as well as art therapy and healthy cooking sessions. There are a range of different sporting activities on offer including football, cricket, basketball, and in the summer, swimming in the local outdoor pool. There’s also access to the gym for those aged 12+, and fortnightly art therapy and healthy cooking sessions. 

Why we run it:

To encourage healthy living through regular involvement in physical activity and developing skills and knowledge about healthy diet. An active lifestyle is important for all of us but for young people it is essential for not only their physical health but for their self-esteem and mental and emotional health. Many young people would not be able to afford or access these opportunities if we did not offer this project, with transport services, at no cost to them.

Who it’s for:

Any young person in school year 7 upwards or of an equivalent age, who would like to improve their health and well-being, try a new activity or take part in social sports with friends. You do not need to be good at sport or have an active lifestyle to take part in these sessions – our aim is to develop these things with you in a fun and friendly environment. 

When and where it runs:

7:30pm - 9:00pm on a Monday evening from the Nadder Centre in Tisbury, with transport being provided from elsewhere in the South West Wiltshire area.

Lead Worker:

Jaki       Email: [email protected]

What young people say: 

“I’ve been able to access the gym on a regular basis and increase my physical activity. My mum doesn’t drive so without the Monday Night Project I wouldn’t be able to do this” - M, aged 16

“I got involved with this session to improve my physical activity as I am not a fan of PE at school but I enjoy these sessions as it isn’t so competitive and you can get a lot more out of the sport here” - A, aged 13